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You’ll have already made your mind up on Koloss by now, hell, I named it my album of 2012 and even defended it with a massively wordy and drawn-out argument that I’m pretty sure no-one read anyway (please validate my existence). However, the band are still promoting it, with a new video making the rounds for the opening mid-tempo dirge of ‘I Am Colossus‘.


As I gave away in the title, it’s incredibly reminiscent of the style that Tool are most well known for with an overall dark and moody atmosphere and scarcely human caricatures telling a bleak and vague story. The video was animated by Magnus Jonsson and is a suprisingly great counterpart to the darker tone that Meshuggah went with on Koloss and compared to the more sparse approach they took with the videos for ‘Break Those Sinews…‘ and ‘Demiurge‘, it’s definitely a welcome change.

Koloss  is out now through Nuclear Blast.

[via Metal Hammer]

– DL


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