I’m not sure what a ‘swamphony’ is, I don’t think I’ll ever know. Obviously it’s a portmanteau, but what is it even meant to mean? Thankfully, the first track revealed from Kalmah‘s latest album , strangely entitled Seventh Swamphony, is a lot more direct. ‘Windlake Tale’ is a good four and a half minutes of super solid melodic death metal — it’s my first proper experience with the band but I’m left wondering why I left it so long.


There’s more than enough massive riffs and solos here to keep anyone who’s a fan of melodic death more than happy. Suggesting that Seventh Swamphony will be a great addition to their back-catalogue and meaning that by the time it comes out on the 17th of June, which seems a world away at this, I’ll have enough time to dig through it all and pretend I was a fan all along.

Seventh Swanphony will see a June 17th release through Spinefarm Records.

[via No Clean Singing]

– DL


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