Palms (photo by Travis Shinn)

Palms, the Deftones/Isis supergroup, have finally completed work on their debut album! The post-rock quartet featuring Jeff Caxide (bass/keyboards), Aaron Harris (drums), Clifford Meyer (guitar/keyboards), and Chino Moreno (vocals) announced their formation and left everyone wondering whether or not this supergroup was actually going to see the light of day instead of fading away without significant output, which has been the fate of many similar acts over the years. Their dedication was locked in when the group announced that they had signed to Ipecac Records, where they will put out their self-titled debut later this year. Now, Aaron Harris has confirmed that the group has officially wrapped up recording.

From Harris’ website:

The Palms record is finished and I couldn’t be happier with both the experience of creating this album and how it turned out.

In early March, I met up with Deftones on the East Coast leg of their tour so that Chino and I could wrap up some vocals for the record. We turned hotel rooms and backstage areas into temporary recording studios, which you can see a bit of in the photo gallery above. It was also fun to travel with the Deftones guys and crew for a few days; thanks to them for making me feel welcome and for being such great people.

We’ve now officially handed the record off to the label. No more tweaking things. No more adding or subtracting. It’s nerve-wracking, but it’s also an enormous relief. Now I get to listen to it like a “regular person” instead of scrutinizing every part. The other day I listened to the whole record during a run and it was indescribably satisfying. I hope you guys enjoy the record as much as we enjoyed creating it. It comes out June, 25, 2013 on Ipecac Recordings.

This is exciting news! In case you missed, an early unmastered version of the track ‘Tropics‘ was made available, and can be streamed below:


[via The PRP]

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