A Pale Horse Named Death

There’s been a void in my black heart ever since Pete Steele left us — life just wasn’t bleak enough anymore. Thankfully A Pale Horse Named Death, the brainchild of ex-Type O Negative drummer Sal Abruscato, have returned with a new album in hand, rightfully entitled Lay My Soul To Waste, which takes nihilism and self-hatred to a whole new level.

Their record label SPV have recently upped short teasers for every track on the album and if morose and surprisingly catchy doom rock is your sort of thing, then this should do wonders for you. Their self-titled debut was nothing short of addictive and Lay My Soul… looks set to top that with some positively depressing song titles being shown off like ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘The Needle In You‘ and a more refined approach to their Alice In Chains meets Type O sound.

Lay My Soul To Waste is set for a release through SPV on the 24th of May.

– DL

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