As Jimmy pointed out last week (before that debacle that was yesterday’s post cycle) the new Shining album, One One One, will see release in Norway at the end of t his week. With national acclaim being showered down on the band, it seems their national appeal has never been higher. However, no release dates for the rest of the world have been announced, though the band has announced that pre-order information for North America and Europe will be released sometime in the coming week.

As there is a bit of disparity between the two release in Norway and the release in the states, the band has decided to unveil a new track every day of this week leading up to Thursday (that’s four new songs, baby), starting with yesterday’s ‘The One Inside’. The track is less bizarre than what you would expect, but it’s far more infectious and catchy than practically any other Shining song to date (with the exception of ‘Fisheye’). Judging from this track (and the previous one, ‘I Won’t Forget’) this album is going to be much succinct and to the point, and that excites me.

Speaking to the Norwegian site that is hosting the new song, Shining frontman Jorgen Munkeby had this to say:

Our new album One One One is the most immediate record we’ve ever done. The songs are short and concise. Our first single “I Will Not Forget” is already playlisted on the national radio in Norway and makes us very proud. The record was written up and mixed in sunny California and that’s why we chose a glowing organge color on the cover.

In addition to “I Will Not Forget” it seems like “The One Inside” is the one that’s going to be a favorite during the live shows. The few times we’ve done this song live we see that the disco groove in the chorus makes the heads of the audience turn into a synchronous wave.

This all sounds good to me. One One One is said to be far more metal oriented than Blackjazz, and as industrial metal has become a very boring genre as of late, this sort of band has great potential to reinvigorate the scene.

You can stream the new track here. And I want to thank Totto Mjelde for alerting us to this and giving us some help with translation. Much appreciated.

– EC


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