Summer Slaughter 2013

Last week, the year’s biggest extreme metal tour Summer Slaughter announced their lineup (which includes headliners The Dillinger Escape Plan and an array of other Heavy Blog favorites like Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Cattle Decapitation, The Ocean, Revocation, and more) while letting fans vote on who they wanted to see open the show. After a neck-and-neck race between Thy Art Is Murder and Rings of Saturn, it looks like Rings of Saturn have won by a slim 1% of the vote.

Rings of Saturn are one of the more polarizing bands that have seen a rise in popularity over the years, and that extends to both micro and macro levels of reference. Not only is the metal scene strongly divided, I find myself at odds at how I should approach the act. I gave their latest record Dingir a positive score, but the idea of the band doesn’t sit well with me, which is odd for me and a bit unfair to the act themselves. I feel that this viewpoint will translate to a live setting as well. I would rather see a handful of other bands from the poll instead of Rings of Saturn, but I’ll probably enjoy their show quite a bit while I’m actually there. Anyone else have any experience in having this sort of dumb opinion when it comes to things? I can’t be the only one.

Dates for the trek are to be announced soon enough, and we’ll pass that information along when it comes in.

– JR

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