Cosmic Egg

01. California Queen
02. New Moon Rising
03. White Feather
04. Sundial
05. In The Morning
06. 10,000 Feet
07. Cosmic Egg
08. Far Away
09. Pilgrim
10. In The Castle
11. Phoenix
12. Violence Of The Sun

[Modular Records]

Australian hard rock band Wolfmother have never truly been special, mostly riding on the coattails of bands that have done the grungy, dirty, metallic sound to death, but much better and had infinitely more success. Largely copying their idols in AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and the like with crunchy riffs and catchy hooks on their self-titled debut in 2005, the band garnered a fair number of fans by being featured in Guitar Hero II with a cover of their hit single “Woman” a year after the album. The wonders from down under started gaining speed and really came into their eggcentric style a few years later in 2009 with Cosmic Egg, truly showing off that they weren’t just another shrimp on the barbie.

As one of the few egg-based albums to be unveiled to the world, Cosmic Egg is something of a revelation as it does not necessarily tell the story of an actual cosmic egg or the mythological birthing of a new world or universe via a world egg, but instead provides hardboiled experience for your ears with aforementioned crunchy riffs and far superior instrumentation than with the band’s debut some years prior.

It’s surprising how much straight up worship there is on the album, but it often ends up being more inspiration, as the song writing is far more inspired. Black Sabbath and fellow Australians AC/DC are still prevalent on the album, but even cues from such legends as The Bangles is noticeable, most notably a throwback to “Walk Like An Egyptian.” Further still, we hear some very similar riffage to classic and southern rock bands Mountain and Creedencer Clearwater Revival, offering a taste, but scrambled and different enough so that these riffs aren’t directly ripped from catalogs of other bands.

“Evocative” is the number one word to even mention with this album, as it will evoke every feeling you know from the first time you heard those thick pickings from rock giants Led Zeppelin and others from the era not long after. Every bit of Cosmic Egg provides you with lovably crafted throwback, sludgy chords, bluesy guitar patterns, cranked fuzz distortion, and absolutely more that you’ll fall in love with every second throughout. You should absolutely be eggcited.

If you’ve been aching, breaking, and cracking over the idea of a straight up revival of the classics that made you fall in love with the harder edge of music, you owe it to yourself to listen to Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg. Though there’s a great deal of inspiration and you’ll hear every bit of it while feeling stoned out of your gourd in your parents’ attic, you can be assured that this album is absolutely no yolk.


Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg gets…


– KG


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