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I’m sure blackened industrial jazz fusion is the genre of the future, and so far, at least one band knows what’s up. Norway’s avant-garde godsends SHINING are poised to release the follow-up to 2010’s critically acclaimed breakout Blackjazz. One One One is due out digitally in Norway on April 5th, which is NEXT WEEK, but so far, there’s no word on a North American release date. The band must be finalizing a record deal or something along those lines, because word has been super quiet on the new album for those outside of Norway.

In doing the research for a news post on the new teaser trailer for the album (below), I was shocked that the album was being released right under our noses. Obviously, the album can’t be contained to Norway once the 5th rolls around and we’re gonna get to hear it before we even have a legal opportunity to pay for it. In this age, such a staggered release for an album really takes the winds out of the sails of the hype machine; I haven’t seen a single review or heard a song that wasn’t the single ‘I Won’t Forget’ at all. Though, I’m sure a band as savvy as SHINING knows the setbacks of a regionally limited release; frontman Jorgen Munkeby manages the band and regularly replies to fan inquiries on Facebook, so it’s not like they’re asleep at the wheel. I’m sure they would want their music to reach everyone at the same time if that were the best immediate option.

If you’re a big enough fan though and can’t stand the wait, I’d recommend finding a Norwegian proxy server and purchasing the album digitally or shipping the record from Norway (CD / Vinyl) if you want to obtain the album in a more ethically sound fashion without missing out. While the rest of us outside of Norway wait for the album, we can still check out the band’s new single ‘I Won’t Forget’ below.



– JR


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