I’ll be honest, I completely missed the boat when it came to Mandroid Echostar. Even when everyone at Heavy Blog was singing their praises, for whatever reason, I completely passed over them — probably because I’m a complete mug. Fast forward to Febuary of this year, the band released a guitar playthrough of ‘The Kingdom And The Crown from their self-titled debut EP and I was completely blown away by their brand of Protest The Hero-meets-Coheed And Cambria sound. And now it is time for my wallet to atone for my sins with the announcement of band’s Indiegogo campaign to fund the recording of their debut album.

The band are asking for a modest ~$7000, with a digital copy of the album costing you only ~$10, however going by their breakdown of costs, it doesn’t quite cover everything:

Having said that, what we are hoping to raise is 7000$. This is essentially what we need to cover the later stages of recording, the manufacturing of our new record, and the extra media that goes along with an album.

A rough breakdown of our costs:

Tracking / Mixing with Jordan Valeriote – 4500$

Mastering with Roger Lian – 1500$

Music video / Playthroughs with Ben Dundas – 3000$

Album art / Merch design – 1000$

Initial album manufacturing – 1500$

Total – 11,500$

Meaning the band are fronting quite a bit of the cost themselves. They also go on to state “if we can raise our goal of 7000$ we can roll out this record according to plan, giving you guys our 7 track EP, a music video, maybe a playthrough or two and some killer merchandise” and that  “everything we’re giving away here is exclusive to this campaign, and will not be available afterwards (except the album of course)” so it’s clear that the entire expenditure is well thought-out, more so than many campaigns I’ve seen. So here’s to hoping they hit their target and if you need anymore convincing, you can head over to their bandcamp page and download their EP for free. Seriously, don’t be a mug.

– DL


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