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Monuments caused a bit of a stir this week when they announced that vocalist Matt Rose was no longer involved in the group. The band offered little detail, other than the split was caused by differences between the two parties. Word got out however that Matt Rose had allegedly deleted the band’s YouTube page and email account. Until now, Rose has been quiet on the issue, mostly because he doesn’t have much of a presence in online social networking. This morning, he sent us the following statement explaining his side of the events:

I actually left Monuments before the BOO tour started but decided to carry on for the best of the tour. I was growing increasingly frustrated at the work ethic of the band and at how little music everyone wrote. On our return from the tour we mutually agreed that it was best for everyone including me that we parted ways. I’m not sad at all about this ending and I certainly will not miss the band and all its dramas. My only disappointment comes from the bad blood that seems to have arisen since my departure, which is completely undeserved as I worked very hard whilst I was in the band.   

“ The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences” and I’m already very excited about starting other new musical projects and I’m very much looking forward to hitting the road and playing live with the Qemists who will be supporting Hadouken on their UK tour in April and will be playing festivals in Europe this summer.

My Thanks and appreciation goes out to anyone who came to a show bought a t-shirt or an album or bought me a whiskey whilst I was in the band. I’d also like to thank my label Century Media and Avocado Booking and John Sprich at Euroblast for all their hard work.

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Peace x

Like I had assumed, the split seems less than amicable. Even still, Rose does good work with Qemists and Monuments are already hard at work on a new album and have their eyes on a potential new vocalist, so expect good things to come musically from both parties in the near future. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.

– JR

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