Nails - Abaondon all Life

You’ve probably heard enough about Abandon All Life by now to know that it takes no prisoners. In what seems to be an attempt to single -handedly outdo most of their contemporaries in one fell swoop, Nails have created one of the most astonishingly heavy and hate-filled records you’ll hear all year and it’s thanks to Revolver, of all places, that you can get a full listen.

It’s genuinely hard to articulate why Abandon All Life is so ball-busting heavy and addictive — it’s one of those records that invokes actions more than words and, believe me, you’ll be barely half way through before you’re rabidly hate-moshing at your desk. One thing I’d be particularly interested in though, is whether you guys believe this is better than Unsilent Death? I’ve heard both sides taken but I’m still on the fence as to what I’d give the top mark.

Abandon All Life is out now through Southern Lord Records.


– DL

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