The Ocean - Pelagial

The Ocean‘s forthcoming concept record Pelagial, which explores the parallel depths of the open waters and the human mind, shot straight to the top of my most highly anticipated record. The album’s first single ‘Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams’ is exactly what I wanted to hear from The Ocean right now after the Helio/Anthropocentric double album. ‘The Wish In Dreams’ explored mid-level ocean waters, so the track was naturally heavy, but had an accessible structure and an earworm of a chorus. As the band delves deeper into the waters, the band seemingly gets as vast and dark as the environment. The band’s new track ‘Hadopelagic II: Let Them Believe’ — which sits towards the end of the record — isn’t really all that heavy, but the soundscapes of the dark waters is made clear through minor-key melodies, and use of ambiance. The expansive nine-minute track is now streaming over at Pitchfork.

This track is certainly more exciting. The covers a great deal of ground in the track, with heartfelt vocals from Loic Rosetti, massive riffs and percussion, and moving orchestrations, including a piano solo in the song’s bridge. April 30th can’t get here fast enough.

While we’re waiting on Pelagial to roll around, be sure to catch up on the band’s studio videos below:


– JR


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