Invisible Oranges have delivered us a brand new Kvelertak video for ‘Månelyst, just one day after we were offered a full stream of the album, and it’s probably one of my favourites in recent memory. It’s a simple concept, just cycling through a whole assortment of recreated scenes from classic horror films with other slightly more original ideas interspersed with no real story-line joining them. Throughout the entire thing I was sat there going ‘Hey, that’s X! Haven’t seen X in ages!’ and while you could call it pandering, I’m easily amused, so bite me.


Included are classic scenes from some timeless horror films like The Exorcist, Night Of The Living Dead, Twilight and American Werewolf In London and they’re all done well, so as well as producing some of the best black ‘n’ roll around, the band obviously appreciate a damn good scare flick.

Meir will be released on the 26th of March through Roadrunner.

– DL


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