To say the stakes were high for the second effort from Kvelertak would be putting it lightly. After delivering one of the most immediate and widely-praised debuts in a long time, the band inked a deal with Roadrunner records who, while being an integral and important part of the history of metal, have been making questionable decisions over the last few years, causing  more than a few murmurs of worry to ripple. So Meir had a lot of expectations weighted upon it, even before much music had entered into the equation.

Crunch time is upon us, with a full album stream here for you Yanks and one for everyone else here. Personally, I’m only halfway through while typing this, but I’m really enjoying what I’m hearing so far — there’s plenty of massive choruses with even bigger riffs and I can easily see myself singing along to these tracks in extremely broken Norwegian after a few beers. For a more in-depth look at the album, be sure to check out Alkahest’s review.

Meir will be released on the 26th of March through Roadrunner.


– DL


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