gamma ray vid

Gama Bomb have lain dormant for far to long, it’s been nearly four years since they released Tales From The Grave In Space and while there are plenty of thrash bands around, not many are as fun and infectious as this Irish lot. But finally they have returned, with a new label backing them, for a new album simply entitled The Terror Tapes which we’ve slowly been learning more details about over the past few months. But now we finally some music to sink our teeth into, in the form of an extremely kitschy music video.


Metal Hammer graced us with this visual accompaniment to ‘Terrorscope‘ and, from first experiences I have to say, Gama Bomb are most definitely back. A combination of 80’s b-movies and ripping thrash riffs will always be an appetizing one for me and if anyone can pull it off with ease, it’s Gama Bomb.  Although I do think The Singing Nun: Over 2 Hours Of Holy Hymns would have been an even better album title.

– DL

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