Sumerian Records‘s up and coming metalcore band City In The Sea have released their first song Dead Beliefs along with a pretty snazzy music video. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the band that sparked a controversy by letting the fans pick which production style should be used on the album (for what it’s worth, the song in the video seems to have gone with a mixture of the two styles). Regardless of the production, this song (and the previous one) is pretty cool. The band sounds like a mixture of Born of Osiris and As I Lay Dying. Metalcore with synths, clean singing, leads and rhythmic riffs. It’s not the most original thing, but it’s well crafted and catchy, so if you’re looking for a fix of good old metalcore with a bit of a new twist, you can watch the video after the jump. Also, if the other song from the production video is any indication, the rest of the album will be heavier and Dead Beliefs is just the radio-friendly song, so there’s that. The album, titled Below The Noise, will be out on Sumerian Records “soon”.




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