Loma Prieta

California hardcore group Loma Prieta, who’s last record IV was sick as all things sick, have announce that this May they will be releasing a split with Italy’s very own Raein via Deathwish Inc. This is pretty awesome. Both bands play very different styles, with Raein being more emotional post-hardcore and Loma Prieta being more of a hardcore band. The track listing is as follows:

01. Immemorial – Loma Prieta
02. Poverty Map – Loma Prieta
03. Mansion Fire – Loma Prieta
04. Spray Paint – Loma Prieta
05. Love and Death – Raein
I kind of wish it was more evenly split, because I want to hear as much new music from Raein as I do Loma Prieta, but I’ll have to live with what I’ve got, and I’m still happy with that. You can hear ‘Immemorial’ here :
03/13: Phoenix, AZ @ The Nile w/ Nervous
03/14: El Paso, TX @ TBA w/ Nervous
03/15: Austin, TX @ 1808 w/ A Life Once Lost, Powertrip, RZL DZL, Whirr
03/16: Austin, TX @ Elysium (early show) w/ Goodtime Boys
03/17: Austin, TX @ SXSW
03/18: Kansas City, MO @ TBA w/ Goodtime Boys
03/19: St Louis, MO @ The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center w/ Goodtime Boys
03/20: Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse w/ Goodtime Boys
03/21: Atlanta, GA @ Wonder Root w/ Goodtime Boys
03/22: Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub w/ Goodtime Boys
03/23: Miami, FL @ Talent Farm w/ Goodtime Boys
03/24: Fort Myers, FL @ Hoople House w/ Goodtime Boys
03/25: Tampa, FL @ Epic Problem w/ Goodtime Boys
03/26: Jacksonville, FL @ Burro Bar w/ Goodtime Boys
03/27: Columbia, SC @ 5 Points Pub w/ Goodtime Boys
03/28: Greensboro, NC @ TBA w/ Goodtime Boys
03/29: Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5 w/ Goodtime Boys
03/30: Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space w/ Goodtime Boys, Octaves
03/31: Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Paint it Black,
Joyce Manor, Congenital Death, Bad Side
04/01: Bethlehem, PA @ Gallery U w/ Goodtime Boys
04/02: Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Goodtime Boys
04/03: Philadephia, PA @ O’Reilly’s w/ Goodtime Boys, Reign Supreme
04/04: Prospect, CT @ Prospect VFW w/ Goodtime Boys
04/05: Boston, MA @ Democracy Center w/ Goodtime Boys
04/06: Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Goodtime Boys, Soul Control
04/07: Montreal, QB @ Stack Your Roster HQ
04/08: Toronto, ON @ Parts And Labour
04/09: Buffalo, NY @ The Vault
04/10: Royal Oak, MI @ Genesis
04/11: Grand Rapids, MI @ The DAAC
04/12: Chicago, IL @ Swerp Mansion w/ Sin Orden
04/13: Minneapolis, MN @ Seward Cafe
04/14: Sioux Falls, SD @ Boonies
04/15: Missoula, MT @ TBA
04/16: Seattle, WA @ TBA
04/17: Vancouver, BC @ TBA
04/18: Portland, OR @ TBA
04/19: Oakland, CA @ The Metro

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