Heaven Shall Burn are a band I got into only a few months ago, but I’m already stoked about their upcoming release Veto. They unveiled a new song in the form of ‘Die Stürme Rufen Dich’, and it features guest vocals from Born From Pain’s Rob Franssen and Dominik Stammen. The track is killer and you should go listen to it here.

Meanwhile, the band have announced details about their upcoming physical release, and there’s some pretty cool stuff, specifically with the North American vinyl version. Via Century Media:

While VETO was mixed by Tue Madsen, there is an alternative mix available for all of the die-hard HEAVEN SHALL BURN fans out there. The band’s Maik Weichert (guitar) explains:“The vinyl version and the Ltd. Edition 3CD Box Set of the record will feature an alternative mix, called ‘Blizzard Over England Mix’ by nobody less than Colin Richardson. The story behind the strange name for the mix: We were ready to fly over to England and mix the record, but there was a huge snow chaos in the UK– no planes, no trains, roads blocked– no way to get there. Colin was even snowed in and could not get out of the studio at all. So he mixed in almost absolute isolation and brought in a lot of interesting thoughts – without us sitting on the couch in the back and giving our ‘valuable’ advices…We really like the result and thought you should also listen to it. Most people might find that the mixes aren’t very different, but those who are interested in sounds and tweaking can discover lots of different details. The vinyl will come with a CD that has the entire album in the Tue Madsen mix, while Colin Richardson’s mix will be added as additional and 3rd CD to the Ltd. Edition 3CD Box Set that is only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”

VETO is available in the following formats in North America:

–2CD Digipack: includes all tracks on standard EU release + 1 bonus track + bonus 500.live disc

–LP: limited colored vinyl (TBA) + Colin Richardson “Blizzard Over England Mix” of VETO(available only on LP in North America)

–standard digital download: includes all tracks on standard EU release + bonus 500.live disc
–Itunes exclusive deluxe digital download: includes all tracks on standard EU release + 3 bonus tracks + bonus 500.live disc

So go preorder this ASAP!



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