These are the last words coming from the band as they say good-bye to us all. Salt Lake City’s GAZA has disbanded according to a status update on their Facebook page. All the status said was the following:

Gaza is no longer a band. A big thank you to anyone that has supported us. Some of us will continue to make music together.

Yes, that was it. No explanations. Nothing. We still have to wait for an official press release (that is, if there’ll be one) to make any sense of why a band at their peak, would quit for no reason. Hopefully, it has nothing to do with the horrible rape accusation against vocalist Jon Parkin by a certain anonymous woman who wrote a very long tumblr post stating how the 6-foot tall vocalist had forced himself on to her. Jon later made a public announcement saying the accusation was false, but there will always be speculation.

Speaking of speculations, when the band says “Some of us will continue to make music,” does that mean some of them won’t? I guess we’ll have more on the story as details start to emerge.

This comes as a surprise since the band had written the critically acclaimed, and certainly my favourite album of last year, No Absolutes In Human Suffering. We also gave it a glowing review and to be honest, most of us here at Heavy Blog were crazy over them. With three great albums under their belt, including He Is Never Coming Back and I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Dieit’ll be sad to see them go. GAZA’s brand of grindcore and sludge really brought life into a genre that I considered to have stagnated and did nothing new.  I for one will miss them since this band single-handedly turned me on to a genre of music I wasn’t sure was making any progress and had nothing new to offer.

We at Heavy Blog, with a heavy heart, bid the band adieu and hope their future endeavours are as successful as GAZA.



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