Arsis - Unwelcome

You may remember, way back in July last year, we ran a post about the new artwork for an upcoming Arsis album, talking about how it was way darker and crustier than anything else they’d released recently and, despite the near 8 month time gap in between, details have finally started to emerge again.


The band announced the track listing for Unwelcome, which you can find below. They also mentioned he fact that the album has been finished for quite a while and would be released on the 30th of April through Nuclear Blast. They point to the recently released Scion EP Leper’s Caress as a good indication of the band’s direction and sound, which would make sense  seeing as there’s some crossover between the tracks. So it’s looking to be a good time to be an Arsis fan.


1. Unwelcome
2. Carve my Cross
3. Handbook for the Recently Deceased
4. Choking on Sand
5. Let me be the One
6. Sunglasses at Night
7. Martyred or Mourning
8. No One Lies to the Dead
9. I Share in Shame
10. Scornstar


– DL

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