Hacride fans have been waiting nearly four years for this French quartet to release details of  the follow-up to their brilliant Lazerus album. And fortune favours the patient by the looks of it, as  Back To Where You’ve Never Been looks set to be absolutely killer if ‘Overcome‘, which you can listen to here courtesy of MetalSucks, is anything to go by.

I know the obvious point of reference that gets referred to is Meshuggah, but I’d argue that Dutch tech-metallers Textures would be even more specific. However, don’t get me wrong, Hacride are distinct and standalone — the sheer amount of dynamics and musicianship on display will show you that and if you’re still not convinced then just listen to that gargantuan build-up from the 3 minute mark onwards. Absolutely crushing.

Back To Where You’ve Never Been will see an April 22nd release through Indie Recordings.



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