2013 so far, for me at least, has been probably had one of the most brutal starts possible. Many of the best releases have been packed to the brim with blastbeats and the sort of sound that will get you weird looks if your headphones aren’t plugged in correctly (that definitely hasn’t happened to me twice in the last two days). Personal anecdotes aside, one of the better but unfortunately overlooked records that fit that criteria is definitely Hate‘s Solarflesh.

Taking cues from both black and death metal, Hate make a racket akin to that of BehemothMarduk and Belphegor. ‘Alchemy Of Blood‘ is the perfect example of just how captivating and exciting that sound can be when done well and, while the video is pretty much a glorified performance video, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This way the most important part is thrust to the forefront and that’s the truely blistering metal on show here.

Solarflesh is out now through Napalm Records and you Euros can catch the band on their upcoming tour with Hypocrisy.


– DL


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