I don’t really understand all the negativity from Axl Rosenberg of Metalsucks when it comes to Danish rockers Volbeat. They’re a neat band for sure, with influences from the likes of Metallica and Elvis alike in some Rockabilly hybrid sound. Okay, that genre description and those set of influences put Volbeat in a fairly niche market, but I can’t see how someone can dislike them so much. I for one crank my car radio up whenever their big hit ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ plays on the radio. Easily the best thing to grace mainstream rock in some time, in my opinion.

Axl’s dislike of Volbeat sat on the backburner for the group’s new single, ‘The Cape Of Our Hero,’ which has just been released along with a video (above). The song’s pretty good and all, but it’s not even the most interesting Volbeat song out there, which makes Axl’s tolerance of this one in particular odd. Different strokes, I guess. I think the song’s cool, though it’s clearly the token radio single. Hopefully the group hasn’t forgotten their thrashier side, which would be silly considering they have a former Anthrax guitarist in their ranks now!

The new Volbeat record Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies is out April 9th.

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