It’s just some dumb luck that Ghost have a new record coming out — which features a theatrical “new pope” as a frontman in Papa Emeritus II — just as the real-world Catholic church have undergone the search for the next pope. This uncanny coincidence should serve as an interesting opportunity for Ghost and their intense religious imagery. The band and their management/label team haven’t slept on this opportunity either, urging fans to vote for Papa Emeritus II for Pope in exchange for a new track titled ‘Year Zero.’

The track can be streamed at this location after you’ve “voted” with a quick Facebook connection, though the track has also been made available on YouTube:


‘Year Zero’ is over-the-top weird even for Ghost standards, which re-imagines ABBA-esque disco with… well… satan. Judging by the two tracks heard so far from the group’s sophomore album Infestissumam, the music is shaping up to be simultaneously both accessible and whacky. The songs are more memorable and catchier, but are much more grandiose in presentation. This album is gonna be straight up bonkers.

Infestissumam will be out April 9th on Loma Vista Recordings.

– JR

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