And So I Watch You From Afar

To call And So I Watch You From Afar a ‘metal band’ might be stretching the word a little too far, but bare with me. My first interaction with this Northern Irish post-rock was actually at the UK metalfest Damnation in 2009 where they were nestled in a timeslot between two extremely heavy doom/sludge acts on the smallest stage. From there, it becomes the clichéd story of a band completely stealing the show but ends more surprisingly (sometimes I swear my brain is working against me) with me completely forgetting to check them out.

Until today, with Noisey hosting the stream of their upcoming new album All Hail Bright Futures. It’s a gloriously uplifting record full of all sorts of flourishes like horns and strings alongside the standard post-rock instrumentation and, yes, before you get too worried, there are sections where the band get a little heavy and bring to mind some of the less subtle moments of bands like Red Sparowes or If These Trees Could Talk. So if you’re looking for something a little different, look no further.

We’ll see All Hail Bright Futures next Tuesday (the 19th of March) with a release through Sargent House records.


– DL

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