Intronaut - Habitual Levitations

So what started as a rather uneventful morning for myself has just gotten a whole lot better. Intronaut‘s upcoming record, Habitual Levitations, is easily my most anticipated album of the month, and while I’ve been content to sit back and listen to each song new song that the band have been trickling down the pipeline, it’s hard to deny my growing thirst for the full brunt of Intronaut’s tasty jams.

But of course, there’s now some more than exceptional news, as Intronaut have just released a full album stream of Habitual Levitations over at this extremely Dutch site. I would say more on the matter, but I haven’t had a chance to sit through this all the way, so I don’t have much more insight to offer. So you should probably follow my example and go give this bad boy a listen (available below).

Habitual Levitations will see a full official release on March 19 via Century Media. Go pre-order it!

– EC

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