Ocean - Pelagial

Yesterday through their Facebook page, The Ocean announced they would premiering a new track today that, while not entirely representative of the sound of their upcoming album Pelagial, would be a ‘pretty heavy kick in the balls’. Naturally, with the prospect of audio violence on offer, I was excited to hear what the band had branded ‘the fastest track on the album’ and spent much of the day ritually abusing the F5 key.

But it’s finally here. From here, the page that initially teased the release of Pelagial, you can hear ‘Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish In Dreams‘ for yourself and be ready to hastily declare it album of the year, every year because The Ocean do not disappoint. It’s got that rough but refined heavy sound that permeated Anthropocentric and most importantly serves as the first indicator of what a good choice it was to include vocalist Loic Rossetti on the album, after initially announcing it would be an instrumental effort.


Pelagial will be available to wreck your lug-holes on the 10th of April through Pelagic Records and Metal Blade Records.





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