Daniel Tompkins is a pretty cool dude. He was one of the only reasons I ever cared about TesseracT and Skyharbor, and he’s also been involved in some other nifty projects as of late, like the soulful dream rock band Absent Hearts. But when Dan isn’t busy recording with his other projects, he takes some time out of his day to post cool videos and collaborations with other musicians on his official Youtube page. Today Dan offered his fans a tantalizing new cover of the Chaka Khan classic, ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

The song is actually a new mix of Jon Gomm‘s acoustic cover that was released a little over a year ago, with Tompkins stellar vocal performance added to an already decently entertaining cover. Nothing has been said about how this collaboration came about, but I gotta say, Tompkins owns in this video. While this is probably the last thing I would ever think he would record, he pulls it off immaculately, and he more than steals the show away from Mr. Gomm. Sorry bub. Check out the song above.

– EC


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