Clutch have always been somewhat of an oddity in the metal world, a bluesy hard rock band that still manage to sound heavier than half the bands that mine that sound and run it through the more recent inventions of stoner rock and sludge. They’re a band that I’ve always been aware of, mostly due to their unique position, but not one that I’ve given the proper time to and with the advent of their new album Earth Rocker, the time has come for me and hopefully some of you to change that.

Crucial Velocity‘ is available to stream in full over at NPR and it’s definitely representative of every good characteristic I’ve ever heard attributed to the band; there’s a massive chorus and even bigger riffs and underlying sleazy tone to the entire thing, emphasised most notably by Neil Fallon’s gruff vocals. In addition, if that wasn’t enough to convince you, you can see the lyric video for the title track below.


Earth Rocker will see a release on the 19th of March through Weathermaker Music.

[-via Metalsucks]


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