cult of luna acoustic

When I think of Cult of Luna, I think of either a huge wall of sludgy riffs or dialed-back low key ambiance. I don’t necessarily think of post-metal in the context of unplugged and unprocessed instruments, though now that I think of it, the transition of that epic sort of music could be aptly applied to an organic and stripped-down acoustic performance if done right. The group did exactly that recently, as they set up shop outside on a snowy Finnish night with acoustic guitars and a xylophone to record a haunting instrumental version of their slow-churning dirge ‘Passing Through.’ You can watch the video at this location.

Both the video and the song itself are very striking. Perhaps Cult of Luna could (should?) take this experience as an influence and perform more acoustic pieces. I wouldn’t mind seeing their heavier tracks like ‘I: The Weapon’ translated to acoustics. A powerful song like that could use some tribal percussion, for instance. At any rate, if you haven’t yet heard their latest record Vertikal, you need to go and seek it out pronto. It was the first great album of 2013, and we gave it a 5/5 — though, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. It’s out now on Indie Recordings.

– JR

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