Abiotic - Symbiosis

One of the more buzzed-about “new” bands of the past year has been Floridian death metal act Abiotic. After a successful self-released EP, Metal Blade swooped in and signed them for their debut full length Symbiosis, which was released late last year. The band continues to make a name for themselves, teasing a new music video for the track ‘Facades,’ which should see the light of day shortly. In the mean time, the band released a dual playthrough/lyric video for ‘The Graze of Locusts.’

Playthrough and lyric videos are quickly becoming more commonplace, replacing music videos in a lot of instances due to cutting costs and the shrinking need for videos. So long as they’re well produced, I ain’t even gonna complain. This is the first video I’ve personally seen that combines both, so there’s always something to catch my attention. It also helps that the song rules. Check it out below:


Symbiosis is available now on Metal Blade Records.

– JR


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