deconstructing badgers

Everyone who has spent a reasonable time on the internet since 2005 knows about the Weebl’s Stuff classic flash animation and infinite tune ‘Badgers.’ It’s almost engrained into my psyche at this point, since my formative years were spent watching and playing with flash animations. I can sing Weebl classics like ‘Crabs,’ ‘Kenya,’ and of course ‘Badgers‘ on demand, and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner has permanently affected my vocabulary. Dag, yo.

Devin Townsend is also very much familiar with this realm of the internet, and is apparently such a fan of the aforementioned Weebl classic ‘Badgers’ that during the writing and recording sessions of 2011’s Deconstruction, he recorded a cover of the track. My interests have official come full circle with a powerful nostalgia bomb. Check it out:


I can’t even begin to believe this really happened. It’s like I woke up and landed in some Bizarro-world. In case you’re too young for the internet or were somehow sheltered from that side of the nets, you can see the original below:


– JR


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