I for one am a massive fan of bands who bring exotic instruments into their sound. It’s always exciting when the weight of metal is backed by mandolin, sitar, banjo, or whatever else can be used outside of their ordinary context. Mastodon (‘Divinations‘) and Between the Buried and Me (‘Astral Body’ and ‘Lay My Ghosts To Rest’) have used banjo on their records in the past to back guitar leads, which can create some interesting tones. The banjo has a neat timbre for sure, and works surprisingly well when thrown into the mix with a wall of aggressive guitars. Revocation must have discovered as much, because they’ll be using a banjo for a part on their new record.

The band posted the above photo this week to their Facebook page —- featuring guitarist/frontman David Davidson posing with the banjo he’ll be using on the band’s forthcoming album — with the caption, “This will be the first Revocation release that has banjo on a song. Chicken pickin’ meets thrash…” 

My appreciation for banjo is an odd one; I’m a Kentuckian and was raised around bluegrass, but I largely despise the genre. The banjo just sounds cool to me, man. I can’t wait to see how Davidson & Co utilize the instrument. I can only imagine it being ridiculously awesome. The band projects that they’ll be done tracking by next week, so look out for news on the new Revocation record (due out via Relapse Records)  in the coming months.

– JR

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