The Irish party thrashers Gama Bomb have always entertained me with their tongue-in-cheek approach to thrash metal. Their songs deal with a wide range of absurdities; be it the thrash anthem about their film industry heroes ‘We Respect You‘, or the Superman 2 inspired ‘Kneel Before Zod’, Gama Bomb know how to have fun, and still melt faces. And now, as they’re approaching the fourth year since their last record, Tales From the Grave in Space — which is still as free as it was the day it was released — the band have started unveiling details about their fourth full-length studio effort, The Terror Tapes.

The brilliant artwork for the album — above — was created by veteran movie poster designer, Graham Humphreys. The man has worked on projects such as the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and Evil Dead projects. Vocalist Philly Bryne spoke out about Graham  and his work,  and here’s what he had to say:

“We grew up in terror of VHS covers painted by Graham, but we never knew his name… We found him, had the audacity to chat to him, and now it’s a dream come true to work together and to see the astounding work he’s done for us.”

“The cover shows a man being consumed by a giant, living tape machine. It’s got the feeling of a grubby old 1980s video sleeve, I think. It ties in perfectly with our obsession with old technology and mad horror imagery. It’s the best album cover we’ve ever had. Everyone else’s album art sucks because of this.

According to Blabbermouth, the band also plan to release a single from the album on March 26th, which will be available for free download, and a vinyl release in April. Bryne spoke out about this, and talked about his desire to give the fans free music:

“It was really important to us to give people some music for nothing… It’s how we get our music and we want people to know we’re cool with them doing that, as long as they support us. Support comes from a lot of different places, not just the front pocket.”

Bryne also spoke out about the music, and says that he thinks it will shock a lot of people with how brash it is. The band has gone through a lot of difficulties in the past few years, and he said it was time for the band to re-emerge. Gama Bomb’s The Terror Tapes will be released April 19th in Europe, and May 7th in the U.S. through AFM Records. Tracklist below:

01. The Wrong Stuff
02. Legend of Speed
03. Backwards Bible
04. Beverly Hills Robocop
05. Smoke The Blow With Willem Dafoe
06. We Started The Fire
07. Terrorscope
08. The Cannibals Are In The Streets – All Flesh Must Be Eaten
09. Shitting Yourself To Live
10. Matrioshka Brain
11. Metal Idiot
12. Wrecking Ball

– EC

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