We try not to editorialize too much in the headlines these days, but I have to really drive the point home that this new Fallujah track ‘The Dead Sea’ is the pure awe in death metal form. The band have apparently picked up on more of their progressive influences since their stellar debut 2011 debut The Harvest Wombs. The track has all manner of prog, post, black, and death metal that you could ever coherently shove into a single track, and to top it off, the music is absolutely beautiful. There’s not enough words falling out of my fingers right now to appropriately describe how great this track is, so I’m going to stop yammering on about it and let you listen:


The track appears on Fallujah’s upcoming three-track EP Nomadic, which is due out April 4th on Unique Leader Records. Pre-orders are available now at this location!

– JR


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