Great news, fans of next-level death metal; post-death purveyors of brutality Ulcerate have entered the studio to record their fourth album, their first since signing to Relapse Records last year. Really, there isn’t that much to tell at the moment, but the thought of one of my favorite death metal acts releasing new music this year gets me all kinds of excite. Here’s a cut from the press release for those into specifics:

After signing with Relapse Records in late 2011, this week Auckland, New Zealand-based death metal horde ULCERATE will enter hometown MCA Studios to harness their anticipated fourth LP.

ULCERATE’s founding drummer Jamie Saint Merat states, “After almost exactly twelve months of exhaustive work we are now in the final stages of preparation for our fourth album. This week we enter the studio to track what has become a violent, monolithic piece of work.”

The yet-to-be-named fourth opus from ULCERATE follows two albums on Willowtip Records — 2009’s Everything Is Fire and 2011’s critically-lauded The Destroyers Of All — not to mention their 2007 Neurotic Records debut Of Fracture And Failure. The band down wave after tumultuous wave of dissonant riffing and a nonstop barrage of leveling, technical percussion with organic brute force and otherworldly discordance, topped with a purely disdainful, guttural lyrical attack. Their brutally-charged, sinister death metal bears an innovative, blackened edge resulting in a catastrophic concoction not dissimilar to Mitochondrion, Mithras, Portal, Glorior Belli and Deathspell Omega.

Expect updates through all of 2013 as ULCERATE completes their latest work and allows it to erupt forth onto humanity later this year, in addition to taking their sonic destruction to the stage in support. New Zealanders can catch the band in Auckland and Wellington with labelmates Rotten Sound this April.

Hopefully with a new album being released later this year and their new resources available through Relapse, they’ll be able to tour North America by 2014. Fingers crossed! In the mean time, if you haven’t been acquainted with Ulcerate, check out the title track to their 2011 opus The Destroyers of All.


– JR


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