The Omega Experiment

By now you’ve realized that The Omega Experiment‘s debut album is insanely good and that if you have not picked it up yet then you are an egg. But now we have news! After being announced to play ProgPower Europe this summer, it has also been announced that they will be playing Euroblast 2013 in Cologne, Germany on October 11th! This is awesome, especially considering that Dan (guitars, vocals) has put his everything into this band, and is currently back in school studying to get his degree, all while maintaining his musical endeavors, which is a really amazing feat. Dan had this to say:

“Just visiting Europe is something I never thought I would experience, let alone being invited there to play music that is so dear to me. It’s very surreal. This is a long way from the life I once knew of waking up every day wondering how I would get my next fix. All of us are incredibly excited.”

Go spin their debut, which was just re-released via Listenable Records!



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