No Consequence - IO

I used to keep a list going by the name ‘bands I need to stop being a lazy dick about’, or something to that effect. It wasn’t anything comprehensive, just whenever I would see a band’s name thrown about a few times I would add them to the list in the hope that their ‘official addition’ to it would spur me into finally giving them the time they deserve. And although I lost that list a long time ago, in the myriad of hard drive wipes and new laptops, I distinctly remember No Consequence being at the top of it.


Today the time has come, with the recent release of the band’s video for ‘Coerce: Conform‘ in support of their upcoming new album Io and, well, I can now remember how useful that list was. No Consequence take the rampant fretboard abuse of Aliases  and mash it ruthlessly with the bouncy energy of Visions, culminating in a sound that’s as infectious as it is punishing and one that I probably should have checked out a lot earlier. And if it tickles your fancy, then you can head here and download the track for free, from those cheeky, chirpy chappys over at Basick Records.

Io is set for release on the 1st of April through the national treasure that is Basick Records.

– DL

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