devourment video screenshot

It’s hard not to love Devourment. Their particular brand of slamming br00tz may have been ‘outdone’ in terms of sheer ridiculousness by the many legions that trod in their footsteps after Molesting The Decapitated, but there’s a certain charm to it all and that comes out in spades in the band’s new video for ‘Parasitic Eruption‘, bestowed upon us by titans Metal Injection. Comprised essentially of footage of the band playing in a darkened room, it’s the only possible accompaniment to ‘Parasitic Eruption‘ that would make sense, as it leaves the music at the forefront.


Taken from their recently released latest output  Conceived In Sewage, ‘Parasitic Eruption‘ may not be chock full of the slams that defined the band’s earlier years, but instead the gaps are filled by tar-thick mid-tempo stomps that have just as much impact.  And why would you bother to dilute that with flashy visuals?

Conceived In Sewage is out now on Relapse Records.

– DL


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