Just last last week we informed all of you of the impending release of Immolation‘s new album, Kingdom of Conspiracy. And as is always the case, the band have now rolled out a bit more information about that upcoming release in the form of album artwork — which you can see above — tracklisting, and a release. Check it out.

The above artwork for Kingdom of Conspiracy was created by none other than Pär Olofsson, a favorite of ours here at Heavy Blog, and seemingly everywhere else because every band and their mother wants a piece of swanky art from him to adorn their album. And while I am a huge fan of Olofsson’s work, I gotta say I’m not quite feeling this one. He usually has a much more colorful approach to his art, and this is just… grey. The composition ain’t no winner either, what with that ugly slave looming over the foreground. Meh. You win some you lose some.

As I said, in addition to the artwork the band have released the tracklisting as well. So while there’s absolutely nothing to be garnered from just song names, here they are.

01.Echoes Of Despair
02. Keep The Silence
03. Kingdom of Conspiracy
04. Serving Divinity
05. The Great Sleep
06. Indoctrinate
07. A Spectacle of Lies
08. God Complex
09. Bound To Order
10. All That Awaits

Overall, I’m pretty excited about this release, and with its newley announced release date of May 14th — via Nuclear Blast — it doesn’t seem like I’ll have to wait all that much longer for new music from these death metallers. Cheers!

[via Metalsucks]

– EC


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