Combine the phrases ‘new’, ‘EP, ‘Pig Destroyer‘, ‘doom/drone’, ‘Phantom Limb era’ and ‘for a good cause’ in an order of your choosing because any way you phrase it, it sounds great to me. Just click the link.

Enter Mass & Volume, recorded during spare studio time during the Phantom Limb sessions, an EP of brand new material more influenced by the drone of doom of the album’s counterpart EP Natasha than anything else. Initially resigned to realms of unreleased demos, the band unearthed material to help with the fundraiser for a college fund for the family of Pat Egan, Relapse’s director of sales who tragically passed recently.

Consisting of 25 minutes spread over two tracks, it’s definitely the sound of a band experimenting more than anything, but the raw ferocity of Pig Destroyer is there, albeit in an extremely twisted form. So if you’re looking to put some cash towards a good cause, then look no further. Also, while you’re at the bandcamp, be sure to check out the other compilation which offers you twenty tracks of some of the best bands Relapse has to offer, all for five dollars.

– DL


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