I haven’t heard all that much exciting news regarding doom metal for this year. Last year saw a few excellent releases for the sub-genre, but if I had to be honest none of them really grabbed me like I was hoping. And I was getting a little wary that this year might be a dud for the genre as well. However, a week or two again Jimmy alerted all of us to the trailer for the upcoming Cough/Windhand split EP, Reflection of the Negative, and that immediately got my blood flowing. Since then I have been able to listen to the record in full and it’s just as fucking awesome as I thought it would be when I first watched that trailer. And now, thanks to the kindly gents over at CVLT NATION, all of you can get a pretty big taste of what’s to come with Windhand’s ‘Amaranth’.

The track — which is streaming over at CVLT NATION — clocks in at just under seven and a half minutes. Like most good doom metal songs, it’s a slow burner with distorted fuzzy guitars, and a simple droney vocal melody, with steady drums. There’s a lot of reasons to dislike doom metal, but I find that the hazy atmosphere that the music creates is simply something to be admired. While there’s no real technical feats on this track, it does have that perfect throwback appeal that just entrances the listener.

If you’re not a fan of doom, you probably won’t like this, but for those of you who are interested in the murkier, less pristine side of metal, this should rustle your jimmies in a very positive way. And for those who say doom metal is only for stoners high off their asses, I feel the need to assure you that I enjoyed this track while perfectly sober. So there’s that.

You can listen to the song via the link above, and you can pre-order the Reflection of the Negative EP here. It will be out April 16 via Relapse Records.

– EC

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