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I know we haven’t done one of these in quite awhile (I think the last one was the post on Dream Theater), but after seeing the recent post by Disinformasiya over at The Monolith, I thought it would be a good idea to ask our readers a similar question. And the question is a simple two parter: how are we doing, and what could we be doing better?

Heavy Blog is Heavy has been going strong for a few years now, and we’ve been continually climbing in popularity among the heavy metal community. Which is great! We’re a small group of (mostly) college students based all over the states, with a few writers elsewhere (the UK, India, Macedonia, and Australia), and we manage to have a practically full line-up of news stories and reviews every day. And to top it all off, we’re all volunteers. The ad revenue we get goes directly into making the site run, and not our own pockets. So it constantly surprises me that we still have such a dedicated staff of volunteers who genuinely care about the site, and the metal community.

The only problem is (and it’s not really much of a problem) that we want to do so much better. We want to make sure that our readers are thoroughly enjoying our site, and we would love more honest discussions taking place on our site. Despite a gradually increasing number of site views, we still don’t get all that many comments on our articles, and I personally would like to see that change. Sometimes the criticism in the comments is sharp, but I — and everyone else at Heavy Blog — love to hear what you guys have to say.

So that’s really why I decided to ask this question, and I would really love to get some honest feed back from you guys. I can tell you this, we are earnestly trying our best to put out as much content as we can, and we have a ton of talented dudes over here. What I personally want to start doing is including more featured articles, or series. We currently have Bandcamp Beatdown, From The Archive, and *prognotes. I’m probably missing one or two, but I think we can do a lot better than just those few, we just have to know what interests all of you.

Also, we’re gearing up to releasing a weekly podcast, which I will be hosting with a rotating cast of other Heavy Blog writers. We’ll be discussing recent developments in the world of heavy music in a more candid, and personal way. It should be funny, and entertaining, so stick around and keep your eyes peeled for that.

That’s really all I have to say at this point. This post is already much longer than it needed to be. But seriously, please let us know what you would like out of Heavy Blog is Heavy. So sound off in the comments below, or on our official Facebook, or even shoot us an email. We’re eager to please, if we can. Cheers!

– EC


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