Tesseract 2013 UK tour

After a bunch of brief news bits and baseless guesses by us that missed the mark (oops, can’t win em all!), the teasing is over for now. The tracklist and release date for Tesseract‘s sophomore album Altered State has been announced! Previously reported as flowing like one single 51-minute track, the album is broken down down into four part suite further divided into 10 bite-sized tracks for easy consumption. So no, we won’t be getting fifteen-minute Tesseract jams, but the whole album experience still stands.

Elaborating on the concept of Altered State, from the press release:

“The concept behind the presentation of ALTERED STATE is very simple. It is about change, and how life is change. We have been through a very difficult period of time over the last few years. It is a miracle that the band has survived.  I feel it is the ability to step back and see everything for what it is (hence the Perspective EP) that has allowed us to get on with life and try to enjoy it. Reality is change.”

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Of Matter – Proxy
02. Of Matter – Retrospect
03. Of Matter – Resist
04. Of Mind – Nocturne
05. Of Mind – Exile
06. Of Reality – Eclipse
07. Of Reality – Palingenisis
08. Of Reality – Calabi-Yau
09. Of Energy – Singularity
10. Of Energy – Embers

Tesseract’s Altered State will be released May 28th on Century Media Records. Artwork for the record has been completed and can be seen in the tour admat above. Listen to the record’s fourth track ‘Of Mind – Nocturne’ below:


– JR


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