Evan Brewer

Evan Brewer is one of those bassist that is actually a bassist, not a failed guitarist that thinks he settled in on an easy gig. Brewer is a master of his craft, and where metal bassists often hide in the depths of a mix in the guitarist’s shadow, he’s one of the few that embody the true spirit of the instrument. Yes, the bass is a rhythm instrument that largely plays support, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to plugging along, hitting root notes though the course of the song. Brewer proved as much with his solo album Alone in 2011, a record comprised entirely of bass playing and nothing else. His second record promises to continue the bass-as-spotlight approach, but take it into new territory as well.

Brewer’s sophomore album will take the form of a full-band setup, with Jeremiah Abel doing piano/keys, Navene Koperweis providing and drums/electronics, and Kyle Williams also performing drums. While Alone was a great much-needed statement for bass guitar songcraft, I’m excited that Brewer is expanding his sonic palette and will be putting out songs with accompaniment. Clips of new material along with an update from Brewer can be seen below:


Brewer’s sophomore record will be out later this year on Sumerian Records.

– JR


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