whitechapel somatic

Whitechapel are one of the best deathcore bands out there right now. I gave their most recent self-titled work a near perfect score, for the reason that it was damn near perfect. It even ended up on my year end top twenty list. A few months back I let you guys know that they would be reissuing their debut effort The Somatic Defilement in a remixed and remastered version, and today we got to hear exactly what it sounds like.

To be honest, there isn’t really that much of a difference, because the album came out only a few years ago, but it still sounds killer, most notably in the area of Phil Bozeman‘s vocals being at the front of the mix and dominating everything in its path. You can listen to the new version of ‘Vicer Exciser’ below, and you can pre-order The Somatic Defilement here.


The Somatic Defilement hits stores April 19th via Metal Blade Records.


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