The Safety Fire In The Studio

UK-based prog metal band The Safety Fire‘s debut album Grind the Ocean was one of my favorite releases last year. Combining rich, technical riffing with lush ambience and the unique vocal style of singer Sean McWeeney, the album had an immediately recognizable sound. Having toured the States and Europe, they’ve now started work on the followup, which might be released earlier than you’d expect. The album is already written, according to a statement by the band, and they’re entering the studio for recording. They’ve also released a playthrough video for their excellent single ‘Floods of Colour’. You can read the full statement and watch the video after the jump.

The band posted the following on their Facebook page:

We are happy to say we have finished writing the follow up to Grind The Ocean and will shortly be going into the studio to record. If we cross all the t’s and dot all the lower case j’s 2013 will see a new album from us, TSF.

It’s very exciting to hear that the band will follow-up one of my all-time favorite albums with another one already. They’ve also played a new song that will be on the sophomore album live, but that seems to be the only show in the past few years that no metalhead actually recorded with a smartphone or camera. Either way, some footage (either from the studio or from another live show) should pop up soon enough.

As for the playthrough, here you go:


You can also purchase the official tab book of Grind the Ocean here. I have it, and I can recommend it for fans of the band who want to learn how to play the songs or just to see how some of the wild riffs are played.



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