Beyond the Shore are one of the few bands ever featured on this site that I’d refer to as almost-local. Sure, they live about 2.5 hours away in Lexington, but any band out of Kentucky or West Virginia signed to a well respected label like Metal Blade will get my recognition, since nationally touring metal acts from here are a rarity. Even with the decidedly Emmure-esque sound of their single ‘Homewrecker,’ like Victory Records’ like-minded Parisians As They Burn, Beyond the Shore flairs up the deathcore groove with more substance than you would likely expect through the course of their record Ghostwatcher.

You can watch the band’s first ever music video for ‘Homewrecker‘ at Alt Press. Don’t stop there, though; the band changes things up a bit for their other previously released track
 ‘Half Lived’ below:


Ghostwatcher is out April 2nd on Metal Blade Records.

– JR


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