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Behold, the resurrected Bandcamp Beatdown! Being that I’ve taken control over this weekly column, I’ll be doing it a bit differently. There will only be one band per column, as I’d really like you all to get to know each artist before moving on to a new one the next week; too much too fast gets disorienting and you might miss out on some great jams! Bandcamp Beatdown will be published every Tuesday and is not exclusively a metal-related column. That being said, the rules for making it to this article haven’t changed at all aside from the addition of Rule #4. They are-

  1. They must have some form of release on
  2. Their release must be available for free or as a pay-your-own-price download.
  3. They must be good.
  4. The release must not be demo or pre-production material, though live material will be considered.

I will also keep up the tradition of not covering very well-known artists on this page, since the whole idea here is to turn you on to some new music. If you know of an artist I should be covering here, leave a link to their Bandcamp in the comments section below! I will absolutely get around to listening to it.

Got it? Alright, then let’s move on to what you’ve really come here to read.

Replacire – The Human Burden


The Human Burden is easily one of the best technical death metal albums you’ll have heard in a long time, if not for the simple reason that it doesn’t try so damn hard to be technical death metal. Think of Replacire‘s writing style as if Opeth just took on the Jarzombek brothers to join them in the studio and jam on some new ideas for a record; grounded in musicality, but damn is there some insanity. Last week’s Bandcamp Beatdown, I broke down the album in terms of songs and the different feels they conveyed, but The Human Burden simply can’t be chopped up and served like that so easily.

– GK

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