Symbolik are an up and coming self-described “melodic blackened death metal” band from Stockton, California. Their unique blend of Behemoth-esque brutality with some At The Gates melody is something that is super awesome, and something that many people should be able to appreciate. The band promised a debut album in 2013, and so far things are looking good. They just released a teaser for their upcoming debut, and it sounds awesome. Hopefully the album can be every bit as awesome as I want it to be.


Guitarist Allen Burton had this to say:

“As far as the album teaser, the album will be out later this year most likely mid summer, along with some extensive touring across the US. We should have dates for everything and more info in the next month or so. People can just keep checking with us on our Facebook for more info!”

You heard the man! Follow them on Facebook and we will keep you updated as news comes!

– SS

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